Thanks to the European Commission, our school benefits from an Erasmus + charter enabling the  mobility of students, teachers or administrative staff to several destinations worldwide.

As part of this scheme, several of our students from HECI Réseau La Salle go abroad to live an unforgettable experience in one or two countries of their choice as interns or students in universities.

Many bilateral agreements enable a wide choice of destinations. To this date, we have multiplied partnerships in Europe :  Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Latvia and Turkey.




Arlette LEBOURG, Manager of the international trade department and Erasmus+ grants :

Florence GALLEGO-HISS, Erasmus coordinator :





HECI RESEAU LA SALLE has made international development a priority. Indeed,  within this department  dedicated to  international knowledge ,cultural diversity and richness is put forward so as to integrate  students of all origins in   our programmes. Over the last 15 years, we have engaged in a international strategy  with the development of partnerships, first with neighbouring countries, then in Europe in a broader sense and now internationally.

Our partners for course mobilities are chosen according to their teaching curricula, the languages in which the lessons are taught and their teaching ethics. Moreover, we make it a point that they should share the same demands for quality as our school HECI Réseau La Salle.

Our partners for internship mobilities are chosen according to the missions offered and the logistics help granted. We have been able to build strong loyalty with many companies over the years.


bilateral agreements












Catalogue of our programmes


Incoming mobility

Outgoing mobility


Framework for mutual recognition


Within the frame of the European Credit Transfer system ECTS, students in outgoing mobility have to follow a certain number of modules enabling them to obtain at least 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Modules are chosen according to the required competences to validate the curriculum in which the students are enrolled. The number of validated credits per module is determined with the partner universities


Preparation for mobility


Participants to mobilities are actively prepared on the language level thanks to :

Preparation to language tests as the TOEIC,TOEFL,DELE,WIDAF,CELI.

Languages courses taught partly by language teachers, partly by professionals in their native language.

Other courses, round tables or conferences in English, German/Italian/Spanish.

Oral interviews in English, German/Italian/Spanish on topical issues

The requirement of a minimum score for the outgoingand incoming students.

An approach to languages based on different intercultural, linguistic and technical aspects.


Diploma supplements/ Europass mobility


Since 2012, the Europass mobility system has  now been  possible for our students entering a 2 year Higher Education diploma  in international trade; they can therefore fill in their portfolio all along their studies At HECI Réseau La Salle. This document enables a better transparency of their skills and an easier integration in the working life in Europe.


Participation to European cooperation projects


HECI Réseau La Salle took part in the TRIFT European project supported by the LEONARDO programme in 2012.

Five European schools took part in the project which led to the development of a competence matrix in International trade first and in work placements for our 2 year Higher Education  students in international trade. These work placements which  took place in Germany, Sweden and Great Britain for our students received an Erasmus funding.

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